Avee Music Player Mod Apk

Avee Music Player Mod Apk

Download Avee Music Player APK and enjoy customized and unique music experiences that would leave you yearning for more.

Description Avee Music Player Mod Apk

Avee Music player is an all-inclusive portable music player that is arguably one of the best in the industry.

This software makes it less stressful for users to browse through the folders in the app, plus it also includes an efficient playback system and a useful equalizer.

This music solution also features a top-notch audio visualizer and an option for seeing HD videos effortlessly.

The software has the stamina to support files of all types without having to crash.

Also, the audio customizer that it features can be personalized to suit the fancy of the user.

Avee made it very easy to save playlists remotely and get to access them whenever they are needed.

For safety and security reasons, Avee also includes a lock screen functionality.

This ensures that not everyone can access the files stored in your folders without having to take permission from you.

There is also the Bluetooth technology through which music can also be played.

One of the best features of this music player is the “Sleep timer” functionality that it features.

This functionality makes it possible for you to set the time for the songs to be played.

Download the Mod Version

Just as expected, the mod version of this music player will include some updates that make the software a more superior solution.

This version also carters for more customization options, giving you more power to customize the app accordingly to suit your fancy.

Are you tired by the uninteresting and simple music application that comes with your Android device or smartphone? Are you actively seeking for a better option from a better app? Then opting for the mod version of this software may be all that you need to solve your problem! The mod version of Avee features:

  • Improved blur effect
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved user interface
  • Suitable visualizer template saving
  • Other improvements/changes
  • Few customization options added
  • Ability to load .viz files / Fixes to saving


Avee music player is unquestionably one of the best choose for those who are seeking for the perfect music experience for their tablet or android phone.

Because it includes total supports for video formats and multiple musics, your experience with Avee would be a worthwhile one.

Also, feel free to make customizations in accordance to your tastes.

Download Avee Music mod apk now.

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