Blade&Soul Revolution Mod Apk

Blade&Soul Revolution Mod Apk

Download Blade & Soul Revolution Mod APK for legendary martial arts battles in massive arenas. Enjoy unlimited money to unlock premium features.

Description Blade&Soul Revolution Mod Apk

Revenge can drive even the weakest to the edge to start a revolution. For the aggrieved, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the offending party down in defeat. Blade & Soul Revolution offers no less than the intensity that hatred can bring to battles. It falls nothing short of the action expected from an

Blade & Soul Revolution is the mobile adaptation of the Blade & Soul MMORPG for PC created by a Korean company. A glimpse of the mobile game developed by Netmarble was showcased to the public in G-Star 2017. Players were in awe with its highly competitive nature.

The game’s main plot was depicted vividly in its Japanese anime version. The main protagonist is a swordsman who is out to seek revenge for his slain master. Your quest to find your master’s murderer will be arduous as you will be faced with various opponents along the way. Team up with the best warriors to claim victory.


Blade & Soul Revolution Gameplay

Start the game by customizing your character. Make your hero your own as you decide on its physical attributes. When choosing a hero, it is important that you consider the skills they bring with them. The characters in the game are classified into four classes: Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, and Kung Fu Master. These for classes of characters spring from the following ethnic groups: Human, Gon, Lyn, and Kun.

As an MMORPG, it employs an almost-automated gameplay. Hence, you can let your character fulfill the missions with just a few clicks. However, you can still engage in manual battles through PvPs. You can go to the Hongmoon Training Area to get familiarized with your character’s skills. Here, you will learn of the killer combos you can utilize in the matches.

Blade & Soul Revolution has three main kinds of skills for the heroes:

  • Base Stance – the most basic skills which can be leveled up as you progress in the fights
  • Ultimate Stance – has more powerful skills; switch to Ultimate Skill happens when your Focus is full
  • Grapple Stance – unique skills belonging to a Kung Fu Master which can stun an enemy helpless for a short time


Cinematic 3D Graphics

Blade & Soul Revolution is truly worth the wait with its amazing 3D graphics. It surpasses its predecessors with its improved illustration of the heroes and locations. It captures the traditional Korean feel matched with martial arts culture. It has intuitive controls that enable it to provide one of the best gaming experiences in this genre.

Mod APK Features

Get access to unlimited coins when you download Blade & Soul Revolution Mod APK for Android. Over 1 million players have downloaded it in just a few weeks from release. Make sure to not miss the fun and compete with the best players all over the world.

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