City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod Apk

City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod Apk

Download City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod APK for intense brawls against the bad guys on the streets. Enjoy unlimited money with the Mod app.

Description City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod Apk

Warrior heroes such as in movies and games usually fight for a deep cause. We have seen stories of brave protagonists fighting evil forces wreaking havoc to the world. Others set out on an adventure to rescue their abducted comrades or avenge for a tragic loss. In the case of City Fighter vs Street Gang, it’s all about taking back all the oranges juices from bad guys.

City Fighter vs Street Gang is a sequel of the arcade fighting game. Released by Game Theory Games, prepare to fight it out against mafias, robbers, and the gangsters belonging to the Street Gang.


City Fighter vs Street Gang Gameplay

The world needs your help—all the orange juices in the world have been stolen by the Street Gang. Their greedy boss instructed all its men to get all this refreshing drink all to himself.

The henchmen of the big boss are all over the streets. As the main hero of the game, fight off the bad guys and start retrieving the oranges. You are rewarded with oranges every time you knock out an enemy. It employs a street fighting style wherein you can use the following moves: punch, kick, jump, grab, and guard. Work on your combo moves to overpower anyone who comes your way.

City Fighter vs Street Gang has several districts for you to raid. You get to move to the next district after clearing all the gangsters in one area. The districts are as follows:

  • Practice
  • City
  • Town
  • Military
  • Samurai
  • Big Boss

You can assume the character of different martial arts masters who will serve as the game’s hero. Each of them offers different set of skills so weigh in which of them can help you the most.


Stunning Low-Poly Graphics

City Fighter vs Street Gang is reminiscent of arcade fighting games with its looks though it features more modern graphics. It presents high-resolution low-poly graphics of the characters. Newbies and pro players alike are sure to enjoy this game with its simple controls. All the moves you want to execute are clearly labeled on the buttons at the right corner of your screen.

The intensity of the brawls is captured in the smooth rendering of the fighting moves and addition of visual effects. The voice-overs are also worth noting as they add impact to the encounters.

City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod APK Free Download

Can you imagine a world without orange juice? Save the world from being deprived of this refreshing drink and go after the bad guys. Unlock all features for a seamless gameplay with City Fighter vs Street Gang Mod APK Latest Version.

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