Dancing Road Mod Apk

Dancing Road Mod Apk

Download Dancing Road Mod APK for a teeth-clenching ball color-matching as you jam to the background music. Get unlimited lives with the Mod version!

Description Dancing Road Mod Apk

Play and party at the same time with your mobile phone. Dancing Road lets you bring the party animal in you in your gaming experience.

Dancing Road is a unique puzzle and music game rolled into one. It enjoys immense popularity among Android and iOS users and is the go-to past-time activity. It comes as no surprise that it tops the music-based games in both mobile operating systems.

Dancing Road Gameplay

This is the most fun way you can test your eye-hand coordination as you guide your ball to its color match. The game starts with a tutorial level wherein you are guided to its basic controls, hold and drag. Your main goal is pretty simple: match the color of the main ball to the line of colors in front of you. This may sound easy but don’t get deceived. It gets more challenging as you move on to the next track.

From the name of the game itself, your playing field will be in the form of a road against a galaxy-themed backdrop. You will have your main ball that you will need to roll over to the set of balls with the same color. There will be 3 columns ahead of you with varied colors. In the initial stages, the balls of the same color will be perfectly lined up in one side. This gets harder in the next tracks as they may come in zigzag and other random formations.

The colors of the balls may come in red, purple, green, and yellow. Be on the lookout as your ball’s color is bound to change when it passes by a magical color-changing hurdle. The course gets faster so you must not lose your focus or else you will prematurely end the game. You have 9 lives to consume after which you will need to wait some time for it to be refilled.


Out-of-this-World Graphics

Dancing Road boasts of cool, outer space-themed graphics that resembles the vibe of cool clubs. It literally gives you an out-of-this world experience as it takes you to a colorful dimension. It is such a visual treat with its funky take on the galaxy. Interestingly, the balls seem to represent the planets.

Another thing worth highlighting is the awesome tracks. Each has a catchy beat that will get you hooked all the more to the game. Get to party while on playing on your mobile device—how cool is that!

Dancing Road Mod APK Free Download

Enjoy uninterrupted fun when you download the Dancing Road Mod APK Latest Version. Take advantage of the unlimited lives as you take on the difficult tracks. Get rid of the ads altogether and access any of the music you want anytime.

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