Dot n Beat Mod Apk

Dot n Beat Mod Apk

Download Dot n Beat MOD APK if you like games that require high levels of concentration and accuracy to maneuver. This fast-paced game is super enjoyable!

Description Dot n Beat Mod Apk

Dot n Beat is a 2D arcade game classified under music subgenre. It requires high concentration levels to complete all the missions successfully.

Your primary role will be to complete songs by manipulating a dot following set beats. To achieve this, you must make a bright dot jump from side to side.

While this may appear simple, the game can be pretty complicated.

Here’s why:

You can only succeed if you make every jump at the exact right time. Any delay will lead to the dot bumping into the wall which will consequently result in failure of that level.

If you believe that you’re keen enough, then it’s time to test your skills! Download Dot n Beat for android now.

An Interesting Gameplay

This game has a challenging gameplay. The controls are straightforward and your only challenge will be to ensure that the dot jump at the right time!

When you join this game, you’ll have to select a song that’ll guide your gameplay. Once you have your favorite song, you’ll be required to listen to it carefully and ensure that you control the dot to the last beat.

This won’t be easy!

You’ll be obliged to concentrate optimally and ensure that you do not miss a beat! Any miss will be followed by a clash on the wall which will result in failure of that level.

The more songs you complete, the higher your scores will be. Ensure that you use these scores to unlock better features of the game thus increasing the thrill.

Incredibly Easy Controls

This game has simple controls—you’ll only be required to tap on your screen using one finger. One tap will be equivalent to one jump.

Your screen will be divided into two by a well-lit line. However, the line will have passageways for your ball.

As such, you should always tap your screen at the right time to allow the ball to pass through the passageway.

If you hit the wall, you’ll either be forced to start again or use coins to unlock it and continue with the gameplay.

Dot n Beat MOD APK Free Download

The game has an interesting MOD version which comes with enhanced features for an improved gaming experience.

As such, you should download its latest version to experience super graphics and an amazing playlist.

Unique MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Many Unlocked Levels
  • No Ads
  • Incredibly Easy Controls and Enhanced Lighting


Download Dot n Beat for android to experience a user-friendly interface that makes it ideal for both newbies and experienced gamers. Download its latest version today and enjoy its exceptional gameplay.

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