Flippy Knife Mod Apk

Flippy Knife Mod Apk

Download Flippy Knife Mod APK and put your knife handling skills to the test. Get access to unlimited money through the Mod features.

Description Flippy Knife Mod Apk

Flippy Knife is the latest addictive mission led game made by Beresnev Games. Sharpen your knife handling skills with this app. Tons of blades are waiting for you to be unlocked. Get to upgrade your knife to an axe or even a sword!

Feel like a modern ninja with your knife-flipping skills. Become the master blade handler as you advance into the missions. Make sure your eye for a good angle of flipping is as sharp as the blades you handle.


Flippy Knife Gameplay

Get closer to becoming the best blade master. Let Flippy Knife put your ninja-like skills to the test.

A coach will be welcoming you to the game. Before you go into the actual stages, you will be trained how to properly flip a knife which is the Combo mode. Here, you can practice the many moves and combos you can bust out. Once you complete the number of flipping combinations required, you will be able to unlock the next playing mode on deck.

The game has various game modes you can play on:

  • Combo – enjoy a relaxing time of training your flipping skills and work on your combos
  • Arcade – explore the hut to collect coins
  • Boom! – make the TNTs explode by breaking the planks
  • Target – throw knives at a target

Getting through the other modes will entail a certain number knife collection on your side before you can proceed. There are so many interesting kinds of blades available in the storage. Have the power to buy them with the app’s money by clearing the stages and fulfilling the side quests.

Side quests can include achieving a certain number of flips at a given time. To flip the knife, determine the arc of the throw by adjusting the marker with broken lines. Once you have set the angle, release it. The knife will then be automatically flipped.

Awesome High-Res Graphics

Flippy Knife showcases a colorful, animated world for modern ninjas. It has high-resolution graphics that suits mobile gaming devices well. Enjoy magnificent sceneries of zen nature and even military-looking headquarters in your mini-quests.

It is worthy to note that it has user-friendly graphics that is perfect for a relaxing, entertaining, and enthralling gaming experience.

Flippy Knife Mod APK Free Download

Be the undisputable blade master as you use your knife-flipping skills in the varying quests. Get access to all the premium knives with the Flippy Knife Mod APK Latest Version. No need to put a hole in your wallet in the real world with this Mod app.

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