Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Gardenscapes Mod Apk

Download Gardenscapes Mod APK and bring back to life the garden of your newly-inherited mansion. Take advantage of unlimited coins and stars!

Description Gardenscapes Mod Apk

A lush garden of plants, trees, statues and a grand mansion—who wouldn’t want to retire into such luxury. Gardenscapes is the stuff of fairy tales as your character suddenly gets transported from the city into the countryside. However, this is just the beginning of the many exciting twists in the adventures that will unfold.

Meet new friends in town. Adjust well into your new home with the help of your great uncle’s butler, Austin. It gets better as you get to share your adventures with a new puppy!



Gardenscapes is a crossover of a garden simulation and a puzzle game. The game starts with your character living a rather mundane life in the large city. Being in the concrete jungle, you could only dream of having trees and birds by your window view. Suddenly, one day, you receive a message from a butler informing you of an inheritance. Your great uncle had left you a mansion!

It employs a basic playing cycle: beat the puzzle missions, earn stars, complete tasks then enter the puzzle missions again. Your main task in your grand abode is to restore its once famous garden. Austin the Butler took some time to find so it is about time to bring the mansion’s former glory.

The puzzle missions use a match-three gameplay similar to the likes of Candy Crush. You earn points when 3 identical items align. Power-ups such as dynamites and TNT barrels appear when you match 6 & 7 items of the same kind, respectively. The money and stars you earn from the missions will enable you to complete your tasks in the garden.

Exciting tasks await you in the mansion. With Austin’s help, get the lawn cleaned and decorated, make repairs, plant trees, and all other related gardening activities. Once in a while, take a break from work and try to connect with the townsfolk. The game has an in-app social networking site where you can get in touch and be updated.


Breathtaking Graphics

Gardenscapes features amazing 3D graphics that sets the tone of the game environment well. The colorful rendering of the graphics is very apt for the garden-simulation-slash-puzzle type of play. The snippets of the story throughout the game are very interesting and makes for an addictive gaming experience. The characters you will meet in the game are presented with unique and interesting features and personalities. It truly makes you feel like living a fairy tale dream.


Mod APK Features 

Join the over 100 million users on Google Play hooked to this game hailed as one of the Editors’ Choice. No need to purchase in-app exclusive features with a Gardenscapes Mod APK free download. Enjoy unlimited coins and stars for a seamless fun renovating your garden.

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