Godus Mod Apk

Godus Mod Apk

Download Godus Mod APK and play god to your own world. Get access to unlimited gems and belief as you reign over your creatures.

Description Godus Mod Apk

Feel mighty in a world you build with your godly hands. Experience a unique gaming experience with as you start a civilization with Godus.

Godus is a simulation game that utilizes the god game genre. Its design was intended to be the predecessor of an earlier creation, the Populous, which is of the same artist. It is a top down game which enables you to look over your creation in progress.

The game begins with two humans who are stranded in the middle of the sea. As god, it is your responsibility to save them. The first task is to guide them towards the “promised land” where they can settle in. Help them find it by filling in missing pieces of land and connecting them. Clear the field from any obstruction so your followers can start building shelters.

As shelters are built, this becomes an opportunity for them to reproduce. Part of your mission is to grow your population as becoming a god is useless without followers. Encourage them to get out of their shelters to encourage interaction that will contribute to population growth. Treasures are hidden in different areas so make sure to find them.

As you progress in the game, you will have access to stickers which contain upgrades and other game features. You can change the kind of shelters, command them, foster farming, and many more. To unlock a sticker, its bar level should be completely filled. Activate it by placing it in the Abode card. Other cards will also be available to advance your skills.

Charming and Colorful Graphics

The characters and game environment employ impressive low-poly graphics. The color scheme of the game is light and charming that you won’t mind getting engrossed in playing for long hours. The animation is without a doubt entertaining. It is like entering the world of cartoons where you are granted the grand role of ruling over creatures.

The power is literally put on your fingertips as you will mostly need to slide away, stretch, and tap to go through the game. It has a very user-friendly interface for anyone to play with. Nevertheless, prompts are present to guide you.

Mod APK Features

Have more followers and build your reputation as god. Enjoy playing god to the fullest when you Download Godus for Android. Unlock all features and explore the different scenarios where you can maximize your powers. Look after your believers and be a responsible god. You can also send them on voyages to give them the chance to explore the wonders of a bigger world.


  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited belief
  • All features unlocked

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