Hide ‘N Seek! Mod Apk

Hide ‘N Seek! Mod Apk

Download Hide N’ Seek Mod APK for the next level fun of the real-life classic game. Enjoy access to exclusive features with unlimited money!

Description Hide ‘N Seek! Mod Apk

Be the one to hide or be the seeker. You get to play both roles with Hide N’ Seek! One of the staple games we grew up with takes its modern form in the mobile gaming world.

The playing field resembles that of a pachinko or pinball board from a bird’s-eye view. From the name of the game, the mechanics is very simple and self-explanatory. If you are the one to hide, try to hide or run away from the seeker as much as you can. Don’t forget to collect money and gold along the way. You can rescue your fellow hiders and you will be rewarded with extra coins.

On the other hand, if you choose to become the seeker, you will need to catch most of them in a given time period. This role is tricky as you won’t get an overview of the maze, making the seeking a bit difficult. The more you catch the more coins you earn. Anyone who reaches your “ray” of sight will be automatically put in a cage to symbolize being caught. Get a hold of them as soon as you can to reap all the reward items to yourself.

As you earn more money, you strengthen your buying power. You can change your avatar with numerous characters to choose from which includes animals and other interesting features. Another interesting feature is that the maze can also be filled with water in the advanced levels. This will then entail for the players to swim.

Fun and Interesting Art

This pachinko-looking game uses simple yet interesting design. The color combinations per maze are well balanced with the characters. The overall theme is very reminiscent of the colorful game machines in arcades. You can make the game more enjoyable by changing your player to a more interesting one.

Download Hide 'N Seek for Android

Experience this fun and addictive puzzle game on your mobile devices. Developed by Supersonic Studios LTD, Hide ‘N Seek! gives a creative spin-off to everyone’s favorite childhood game. Over 1 million players on Google Play have downloaded and got hooked to its charms. It comes as no surprise that it is one of the top 10 trending games among Android users.

Hide 'N Seek Mod APK Latest Version

Have a chill and fun break with the Hide 'N Seek Mod APK free download. Enjoy unlimited coins so you can progress in the game without any interruptions. Challenge players from all over the world and make your gaming experience more worthwhile. Make an act of friendship by setting your fellow hiders free.

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