Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Hills of Steel is a tank action game you should add to your collection. It allows you to defy you the laws of physics as you launch raids to destroy your opponents.

Description Hills of Steel Mod Apk

The general gameplay of Hills of Steel may simple dull but it grows in intensity as you rise to higher levels. Your main task in the horizontal game is controlling your tank as you move forward and kill as many enemies as possible. All opponents within your firing range should be fired and terminated instantly.

However, though this sounds easy, you will have to defy the laws of physics, especially shooting on target while on the move. The rugged terrain and other gaming technicalities make it more challenging to progress, especially in the early stages of the game, where you have limited resources.

Gaming physics is quite messed as you encounter lots of little challenges that could overturn your tank quickly. For instance, moving forward downhill while chasing down a target could lead to an overturn of the tank. In some instances, you have to run it on two rear wheels, making the name of the game gain meaning.

Hills of Steel Tank System

Currently, the game can allow you to use a maximum of 9 different tanks for your challenges. Some are the modern-day military types such as the Titan, Reaper, Arachno, Cobra, Mammoth, and Joker. Each of the nine tanks come with different types of weapons and combats capabilities.

High Mobility tanks such as the Cobra are an excellent choice for downhill challenges as they can pursue opponents at high speeds without the risk of turning upside down. They allow put up a spirited fight to your enemies and offer more protection. Besides, the Mammoth and Titanium have better shooting power offering an excellent defensive game.

Graphics and Sound

The 2D graphics in the game are super innovative, making the horizontal gameplay thrilling to play. Though the imagery is not as accurate as of the world of tanks, they have a unique attraction since you experience zero distractions. Besides, the diversity of colors and clear sounds bring out the picture of a well-designed game.

Hills of Steel Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

Experience unlimited gameplay with a simple yet attractive game. The intuitive and straightforward controls have a way of causing addiction to you as you take on the continuous challenges. Besides, the Mod version of the game is optimized for any android device and kills all the ads.

Hills of Steel Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite energy
  • No bugs
  • Unlocked levels


If you want to experience the full thrill of tank action, Hills of Steel Mod Apk Latest Version is what you are looking for. With clear graphics and attractive gaming arenas, you will surely love it and recommend it to your friends.

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