Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Download Hungry Dragon Mod APK for an exciting gameplay of feeding dragons. Get access to unlimited money to collect powerful monsters.

Description Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Experience a ruthless game with your dragons as you team up to prove your dominance in the food chain. Ubisoft Entertainment is back with another masterpiece in its latest game release, Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon is an addictive flying action game where you need to guide your dragons to their food to survive. Raise these beastly creatures and level them up for the missions ahead. The tasks get harder as you advance in the levels so make sure to have your dragons evolve to their best form.

Hungry Dragon Gameplay

The main concept of the game is simple; keep your dragons well fed to keep them alive. Enter a medieval world where humans and odd beasts co-exist. The dragons are your friends and allies so you have the responsibility to lead them to their prey. You can feed them with almost any living creature in the game: birds, townsfolk, sheep, and even intruding dragons.

The dragons are available in different sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. You can unlock the bigger sizes by maxing out the level of the existing ones. You can even customize the look of your dragons by putting on a costume. Pets and costumes are essential in adding power to your dragons during the runs.

Below is a glimpse to some of the missions:

  • Eat 42 canaries in a single run
  • Survive 1m 40s in total
  • Reach 21,000 points in a single run
  • Bonus locations: mini-map

Don’t forget to check out daily chests in order to earn coins faster. You can gather up to 5 chests per day. Use a map to easily locate them.


Astonishingly Beautiful Graphics

Hungry Dragons features stunning 3D graphics of a free world set in the medieval times. It presents colorful and vibrant illustrations of dragons and cities. The animation is rendered smoothly for an equally smooth navigation of the game. Overall, it offers a commendable gaming experience that all kinds of players can appreciate.

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Available on Android

Developed by the acclaimed game creators, Ubisoft Entertainment is back with another hit, Hungry Dragon. It continues to make waves in the mobile game scene and is now at 10 million downloads in Google Play. Its popularity and entertainment value are undeniable that it was even included in the roster of Editors’ Choice.


Hungry Dragon Mod APK Free Download.

Enjoy a fun and addictive gameplay of feeding your dragon friends with the Hungry Dragon Mod APK Latest Version. Unleash the ferocious forms of these fire-breathing monsters as you rise triumphant in the levels. Enjoy unlimited money to optimize your dragon’s performance.

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