Jelly Shift Mod Apk

Jelly Shift Mod Apk

Download Jelly Shift MOD APK and get started with playing trick games based on jelly. This game redefines fun and entertainment, which you’re going to love.

Description Jelly Shift Mod Apk

Ever played any jelly games? You might love its taste, but you might not know the secrets associated with it. This game brings represents your favorite food item in a whole new avatar like never seen before.

The gameplay is totally based on managing your wiggle wobble. Change its shape and see if it is suitable for the upcoming challenges.

This game is designed to deliver some of the adorable 3D graphics. With everything created in high-resolution, your eyes will not be affected negatively.

All the music, soundtracks and audio are really fantastic. You’ll love and enjoy the sound part of this game. It best matches the joyful theme of Jelly Shift.

Funny, Interesting and Unique Gameplay

You don’t see jellies out in action every day. The game is set in an obstacle hurdling world, where you are given a piece of jelly residing on a ramp. An obstacle of random shape approaches your object.

Your goal is to push the given buttons, change its shape so that it gets through the coming obstacle. If the shape isn’t perfect enough, it’ll get caught in the hurdle, causing it to fall down from the ramp.

Its quite an interesting game and easy to play. However, you might find difficulty in adjusting in the beginning, but remember that practice makes the man perfect.

Apart from this main gameplay, there are also some side missions, such as gem rush. In that, you slide your wiggle wobble to collect as many gems as possible.

Adorable Graphics in High-Resolution

If you think that the visuals will be boring, you’re too fast to judge. The jelly isn’t just a piece of a food item, but it also has its own facial stuff. The adorable face will just make you go “aww”.

However, the game does not feature too much detailing, which makes the objects appear very simple.

Simple gradient background with everything too normal might not appeal to many users. However, the bright color tone is very pretty.

Everything is very cartoonish and quite funny too. The animations are average, and you might find the game to lag sometimes, but its all due to animations.

MOD APK Features

Things become more interesting when it comes to extended features of Jelly Shift MOD APK free download. Take a look at some of them below to increase your excitement:

  • This game is available for free
  • It encourages users to opt for in-app purchases
  • There is a heavy implementation of advertisements
  • It has low system requirements (Lightweight application)
  • It is rated for ages 3+


If you are looking for a quick start game, which can run on your low-end device, consider playing Jelly Shift MOD APK latest version. Best suitable for players who are looking for something different and special. If you are open to new style games, then download Jelly Shift for Android now!

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