Jumanji Epic Run Mod Apk

Jumanji Epic Run Mod Apk

Download Jumanji Epic Run MOD apk (Unlimited Gold and Diamond). Jumanji Epic Run is a classic endless journey from climbing mountains, to avoiding avalanches, dinosaurs, and waterfalls.

Description Jumanji Epic Run Mod Apk

Jumanji Epic run is a 4D runner game for android. It is an endless chase for finding the stolen diamond. This game has gained attention from all over the gaming world because of the challenging and exciting gameplay. A treasure runner has stolen the beautiful diamond, and the main objective is to capture him. Different enemies, hurdles, and obstacles will interfere with you. These enemies will attack you, and the obstacles will get you into cliffs.

In this game, there are four support items for you which are Shield, Gold Doubler, Dune Buggy, and Magnet. Gold Doubler can double the amount of received gold, Shield can protect you for a short time, Dune Buggy lets you call a buggy and Magnet can attract all the gold.

In a journey full of adventure, a lot of skills are required to achieve the main goal of this game. While playing Jumanji, you will always be busy as there are many tasks for you to complete. Each task will bring new challenges, and you will keep trying to complete the new task throughout the journey. You will get diamonds and gold after completing these missions. Epic Run is endless, and it will only stop when you fail. During the chase, avoid the obstacles and collect gold and diamonds, which help you upgrade everything.

There are three currencies, Green Diamond, Violet Diamond, and Gold. Unlock the new maps by using Green and gold diamonds. There is a unique character for each map, which will be available only after unlocking the map. Jumanji Epic Run is based on the movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” There are four characters in the movie, so the game also has four characters, Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin Finbar, and Shelly Oberon. The four in-game maps of this game are The Oasis, The Jungle, The Dunes, and MT Zhatmire. While chasing the treasure runner, several Chests will appear. Collect these chests and open them to get a lot of diamonds and gold. The three Chests of Jumanji Epic Run are Special Chest, Free Chest, and Legendary Chest.

Jumanji Epic Run MOD apk

Download Jumanji Epic Run MOD to achieve unlimited gold and diamond. You need the virtual currency to upgrade the skills, unlock maps and characters. Currency is earned after completing missions and tasks. Use this unlimited money to buy everything for free and enjoy the journey.

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