Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk

Download Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK now and join the beautiful Kim Kardashian on a red-carpet adventure. This game is sure to bring out the inner beauty and creativity of you.

Description Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk

Kim Kardashian Hollywood makes use of beautiful and tempting 2D graphics. The quality of every object in the game is in high definition.

The gameplay is rather gender-biased, and it is developed primarily for females. However, there is never harm if boys play this game too. You are supposed to create your celebrity and rise it to fame and fortune.

Controls are very easy and you will develop a strong interest right from the beginning. You just need to touch and tap on the screen and choose from the given list of options that appear on the screen.

You can easily run this game on your medium configuration devices. Do not hesitate to run it on low configuration too, but make sure playtime is not more than 50 minutes on any device, or else you could face overheating issues.

Tempting Gameplay full of beauty

Since the gameplay features rising a celebrity to fame and fortune, you are supposed to create a celebrity from scratch.

Remember, the appeal and beauty of your character should be a reflection of yourself. It is a complete beauty and fashion-based game.

Bring out the best possible creativity to enhance the beauty of others in the game. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want.

The most interesting part is-you can date and dump celebrities, which already sounds exciting!

There is nothing difficult in this game that could get you stuck. All you have to do is enjoy in the best possible manner because this game is loaded with tones of content to entertain you.

Beautiful 2D cartoonish Graphics

You will be amazed to know how beautiful and attractive graphics scheme this game uses. The color combination will lure you for sure. Everything is in HD and you do not have to worry about bad graphics affecting your eyes.

However, avoid playing this game for too long, or take a break of 4-5 minutes watching the screen for your eyes’ benefit.

Human characters are cartoonish. Everything you would see is a perfect piece of outstanding art for the designers.

The animations are rather simple. Objects move in a steady motion. There are no complex animations used in this game.

MOD APK Features

When choosing a version of the game to play, the Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK free download is the way to go. With enhanced features, there’s no reason not to pick the superior version.

  • Available for free to download and play
  • Contains advertisements
  • Offers in-app purchases to users
  • Low system requirements


Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD APK latest version is a fashion and beauty-oriented game. Players proceed in the game by choosing an option from the given list. It is best suitable for players who are more into beauty, styling, and fashion. This game gives them a chance to improve their fashion sense to the celebrity level.

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