Kpop Music Game Mod Apk

Kpop Music Game Mod Apk

Download KPop Music Game Mod APK and enjoy an arena of pure K Pop music, alongside the fun of playing their keys.

Description Kpop Music Game Mod Apk

KPop Music Game is made around music  K Pop music, more specifically.

The game takes the form of piano keys, containing countless numbers of K-Pop music, with a constant update of the music library to ensure the music is never exhausted.

You can pick any K-Pop music of their choice and play it to your enjoyment, amusement, satisfaction or more.

To start, you are to select the song you want to play from your available list. Upon the selection, you stay in the game by hitting the black tiles in progression. Skipping a black tile, hitting a black tile that is not next in the progression, or hitting a white tile results in the game being over.

And oh, the game gets more difficult the longer a particular song is being played. So, that leads to a more competitive experience.

To spice up the excitement, there are 2 different modes of play. The said modes are:

  • The Normal Mode; and
  • The Endless Mode.

First, Normal Mode is played by trying to hit the laid down black tiles as they move, to follow the melody of the music. It is also necessary to avoid the white tiles. Essentially, depending on the song selected, the normal mode gives some form of melody which you can enjoy as you hit on the tiles.

Next in, Endless Mode, on the other hand, is akin to a Survival Mode. Players are to keep hitting on the black tiles to ensure that they do not get yanked off. Failure to tap in the order of progression leads to a game over. Hitting the wrong tiles spells an end to your run. You would definitely need to composure yourself.

The K Pop Music Game is just like Piano Tiles, but with K Pop.

You can download KPop Music Game APK for Android and see it for yourself.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the game makes for a smooth play and a high-quality tapping experience. Additionally, the audio is clear enough to make the necessary melody; which is an extra enjoyable feature for K-Pop fans.

The gameplay of the game is equally nice and smooth.

Also, you can change the color and background of the tiles.

KPop Music Game Mod APK Free Download

It’s easy to become immersed and even addicted within a few runs. However, offering better excitement is the KPop Music Game Mod APK latest version. This is primarily because of the awesome features that can be enjoyed. Some of the said features include:

  • Unlimited gem to play the game as long as possible.
  • Unlimited money to unlock as many things possible;

And more!

You can get the Kpop Music Game Mod APK free download and enjoy these exciting features while jamming out to some great music!


There is no better way to have fun with K Pop melodies than with this game. Having doubts? Download and see for yourself.

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