Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Download Mobile Legends and enjoy breathtaking MOBA matches. The game is characterized by numerous heroes with diverse skills and abilities.

Description Mobile Legends

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Legends

This is a mobile online battle arena game developed by Moonton. It supports both Android and IOS operating systems.

Immediately after its release in 2016, the game became a hit resulting in numerous accolades. In 2019, the game was chosen for esports competition at the Southeast Asian Games.

Additionally, the game is regularly updated to incorporate new features, thus offering a highly dynamic gaming environment. While it started with 10 heroes, the developer has scaled it to over 95 heroes in less than 4 years!

Even better, Moonton uses characters that resonate well with the players. Some of the exceptional characters with historical appeal include Lapu Lapu (based on Philippines history), Kadita (based on Nyai Roro Kidul in Indonesia), and Badang (Malaysian-based).

An Exciting Gameplay

This is a 5vs.5 game that requires you to engage in exhilarating battle sessions against human opponents. When you join the game, you’ll be required to choose your ideal heroes from several unlocked options.

The heroes are categorized into 6 different roles, including Assassin, Tank, Marksman, Mage, Fighter, and Support.

Always ensure that you only select heroes with special abilities and skills. This way, you’ll heighten your chances of exterminating your opponents fast.
The primary intention is to create a synergistic team with a unique combination of skills. As such, you should ensure that your teammates have similar goals and that you complement each other well.

Gaming Objectives

When you have a sturdy team, you’ll be required to press the “start the game” option. This will open an arena where you’ll be required to invoke all your fighting skills.

The two opposing teams will fight the enemy with the primary objective of invading and destroying their camps. However, you must also be keen not to neglect your base!

To achieve this, you need to be strategic. The game has 3 lanes (Top, Middle, and Bottom) that connects the two opposing base. Your approach should not leave any room for errors in any of these paths. Some of the teammates can safeguard your territory as the lead soldiers attack the enemies.

Besides your teammates and hero, the game has computer-controlled minions spawn at the team’s base regularly. They follow the three gaming lanes towards the opponent’s territory. In the process, they’ll fight your enemies and destroy turrets.


Dynamic Arcade Game Modes

This game has unique arcade games that come with different gaming mechanics. This is instrumental since it enables you to select a mode that resonates with your prevailing mood. The game modes include:

• Survival

This is a battle royale game mode. You’ll be required to fight and kill all your enemies to remain the last man/team standing.

To achieve this, you must ensure that you regularly upgrade your fighting skills to outsmart your enemy. The last team standing gets all the rewards!

• Chess - TD

This is a tower defense game. You must ensure that you defend your territory and possession from your enemies. To help you accomplish this goal, you must place defensive structures/obstructions along the paths of your enemies.

However, you’ll also be required to try and penetrate through your enemies’ defensive structures. If you destroy their territory, you’ll earn treasures and heighten your chances of becoming the champion.

• Magic Chess

This is a strategy auto-battler game that requires you to place your characters strategically in the battle arena. It has a resemblance to battle royale since the last man standing takes it all.

However, this particular version involves automatic combats between minions. The team whose units are destroyed by the opponents loses the game.

Unique Features of Mobile Legends

• Real-Time Gameplay. The game is characterized by dynamic battles against real opponents. You’ll be required to fight over 3 lanes to attack your enemy’s tower.

• Highly Dynamic MOBA Game Maps. This game has more than 18 defensive towers, 4 jungle areas, and 2 wild bosses. This gives you the liberty to only select that which suits your gaming desires at any given time.

• A Highly Strategic Game. Whether you manage to annihilate your enemy or not is highly dependent on how organized your team is as well as the strategies you put into the game. You will have numerous heroes with diverse abilities to help you implement your strategy.

• Fair Gameplay. The winner of the game is solely determined by your character’s abilities, teamwork, and strategies.

• Super Easy Controls. Mobile Legends gamers use virtual joystick placed strategically on the left and skill buttons on the right. This makes it easy to control every gaming aspect using two fingers!

• Exceptional Matchmaking and Matches. The game has unique 10-second matchmaking sessions and 10-minutes battles. Enjoy thrilling and uninterrupted gaming sessions that’ll leave you yearning for more game time.

• Offline AI Help. Unlike other MOBA games, being offline will not stop the game! Mobile Legends has an AI system that controls your character, thus avoiding a 5-on-4 situation.

Superior Graphics

Mobile Legends is designed using outstanding 3D graphics. This helps you to enjoy every feature of the game with unmatched clarity. Even better, you’ll enjoy immersive sound systems throughout the gameplay.

Where to Get Mobile Legends and the Price

If you want to download the latest version of Mobile Legends, then you should get it from the following reliable sources:

Downloading the games is free. However, it offers numerous optional in-app purchases meant to better your gaming experience.


Mobile Legends is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic MOBA games. If you’d love a game with auto-battler, battle royale, and tower defense gameplay, then Mobile Legends is ideal. Download it today and enjoy its superb graphics and super cool sound systems.


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