NERF Epic Pranks! Mod Apk

NERF Epic Pranks! Mod Apk

Download Nerf Epic Pranks Mod Apk and have the fun of your life pranking and tagging everyone without being noticed. You have one object, becoming the best prankster in the world.

Description NERF Epic Pranks! Mod Apk

Players get a unique chance of emerging the ultimate prankster by continuous play and unlocking Nerf Blasters. Get to unlock them all as you engage in continuous gameplay and customizer your characters by choosing different skins. Hence, you not only have fun planking but also personalize your characters. Imagine playing as a Ninja, Robot, or a Clown.

Diversity in the game is endless as you experience different playing arenas to get you hooked. Beautiful graphics come in handy to make the combat more engaging. Shooting different targets and the use of various weapons are further provided to make you entertained. Nimbleness and alertness are key as you try different tricks of pranking your subjects without getting noticed. So moving from level to level is essential as you earn points and replenish your points to upgrade and kill boredom.


This is the funniest game you will encounter as it calls for different playing mechanisms. Your success is determined by your agility and how well you control your character and cause chaos. From shooting at household using Nerf Darts, while your father is watching television, you need to be tactical and shoot without being noticed. Remain concealed to the end, and you will emerge as the unbeaten champion.


In addition to the thrilling gameplay, you get stunning graphics to keep you taking pranking tasks. The 3D graphics used in the game offer players clear and rich pictures and sounds to ensure you never run out of planking styles. Playing the game offers more satisfaction as it comes with a feeling of watching cinema thanks to a continuous storyline and amazing graphics.

Download Nerf Epic Pranks Mod Apk Latest Version

If you are going to fall in love with Nerf, you will need to get the latest Mod version of the game. Unlocked levels offer you the thrill to keep playing and see how the pranking story unfolds. Besides, you can create an amazing personality as you explore different environments and get a fantastic sense of progress.

Nerf Epic Pranks Mod Apk Free Download Features

  • Optimized gameplay
  • Bugs fixed
  • Levels unlocked


Download Nerf Epic Pranks for Android to experience a sporty and progressive game. Completing levels and unlocking new ones give you a realistic feeling of the planks. As you battle out your opponents and striving to remain concealed, the game gets more addictive. There is a lot to write about Nerf Epic Pranks, but get it to your phone and become the greatest prankster.

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