Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk

Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk

Download Operate Now: Hospital Mod APK and play doctor without any risks. Enjoy unlimited money and hearts for limitless gameplay.

Description Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk

Know the ins and outs of being on the medical field with Operate Now: Hospital. Manage a hospital while perform surgeries at the same time.

The game lets you fulfill your desires or feed your curiosity of the world of health professionals. Prove yourself as a competent doctor and start running a hospital. You will be welcomed by Nurse Amy who will assist you in your tasks. In order to treat patients and be fully operational, you will have to add more staff and rooms. Your capacity to hire and build rooms will be dependent on your fund and reputation.

Just like in a real hospital setting, you will need to add operating rooms, wards, break room, and more. Construction time will take some and will vary for each structure. You can speed up the process by purchasing resources using the golden hearts.

You have to keep your calm as patients come in. Different medical emergencies and conditions that need surgery will come in to your hospital from time to time. The operations are simulation of how it is done in real life so expect to see blood and needles. You will be presented with surgery tools such as scalpel, forceps, laser, suction, etc. You will need the stats of the patient under control and carry out the surgery with precision. Otherwise, you will lose the patient’s life.


  • Be a medical tycoon with your own hospital
  • Perform realistic operations
  • Get familiarized with medical conditions and procedures
  • Be enthralled in the drama of the characters in and out of the hospital

Amazing Display of Graphics and Sound Effects

Operate Now: Hospital shows an amazing display of 3D graphics. The game vividly portrays the body parts from the external down to the internal organs. Despite the rather technical nature of the game, it maintains an engaging gameplay with its colorful and cartoon-like environment.

The background music is also perfect for the tension building up in the gameplay. It is also accompanied by sci-fi sounding effects for a better feel of the atmosphere.

Available on Android

The medical action and drama this game brings is now available on your mobile devices. Fulfill your missions and weigh in the logistical needs of the hospital to advance your level. Make sure to be careful with the operations so you can continuously increase your reputation.

Developed by Spil Games, millions of players online are getting addicted to Operate Now: Hospital Mod Android. In fact, it has garnered over 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Mod APK Latest Version

The regular game may get expensive as you will be tempted to avail of in-app purchases to progress fast. Take advantage of the perks of Operate Now: Hospital Unlimited Money and Hearts. Care for the patients’ welfare and your hospital’s needs more efficiently.

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