Piano Kids Mod Apk

Piano Kids Mod Apk

Download Piano Kids MOD APK and start learning musical instruments with fun. This game is sure to bring some lovely musical moments.

Description Piano Kids Mod Apk

Looking forward to learning musical instruments? Or want your kids to learn one? Piano Kids is a perfect app for that which let you learn to play several instruments

The extremely low system requires enables users to run it even on a low configuration mobile device.

However, you might dislike the fact that the entire graphics in the game have a childish appearance. It appears as if it's designed for 1-3 years old kids.

Be assured of the quality of music and audio since its primary purpose is to learn music. You will not only love the audio outputs, but you’ll also enjoy it a lot.

Learning with fun Application

Rather not say it to be an application or a game. Piano Kids is more of a mix of both. List of instruments that you can learn to play include:

  •  Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  •  Xylophone
  •  Saxophone
  •  Drums
  •  Flute
  •  Harp
  •  Panpipes

Apart from that, there are 4 modes available which include instrument mode:

  •  Songs Mode: Autoplay songs to let your kids learn melodies. The music includes funny videos featuring adorable cute characters moving around.
  •  Sounds Mode: It shows different objects and you can tap on them to learn how they sound. Best way to tell kids how different objects sound.
  • Games Mode: An interesting way to make kids learn alphabets, numbers, create melodies, solve puzzles paint, draw, color, etc in a musical manner.

Loaded with Nursery-theme Visuals

All the graphics of Piano Kids are in high-quality 2D. However, the visuals are completely suitable for kids up to 3-year-olds and unsuitable for adults.

Bright colors with high-contrast color tone lure kids into playing it more. It’s the best way to keep such small kids engaged.

There is no detailing on any object and everything is very cartoonish. When it comes to characters such as dancing animals, you’ll die laughing hard when you see their dance.

Some instruments such as flute and panpipes, etc are given cute faces.

MOD APK Features

Piano Kids MOD APK latest version houses several more extended features, which might interest you:

  •  30 famous songs to learn to play
  • Realistic high-quality sounds of instruments
  • Available for free to download and play
  •  Encourages users to opt for in-app purchases
  •  Heavy implementation of advertisements
  • Rated for ages 8 and under
  • Rated Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store
  •  Opt for Piano Kids MOD APK all cars unlocked to see how everything gets magically unlocked. No need to spend real money on them.


If you are looking for an application to let your kids do some artwork with fun, Piano Kids version download is the best. Not only your kids will enjoy, but you’ll also enjoy them too. Now no need to worry about your kids anymore, because this game has got more than enough to keep them busy for a long time so that you get your personal time to spend with your spouse/family/friends.

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