Project QT Mod Apk

Project QT Mod Apk

The Project QT Mod APK allows its users to unlock unlimited money, downloads, and gems.

Description Project QT Mod Apk

Project QT is an android action game developed by Nutaku. Nutaku is a game development company which develops anime-styled graphics games. The game contains NSFW images so, please under 18 stay away.

The story of Project QT is simple and clear. People of the earth wanted to reach beyond the earth. After learning this thing they develop a black hole which is linked to another universe. Girls appear from the black hole. The mission is simple form a squad of beautiful girls to join the war.

Project QT also has an online feature so you can connect with your friends. PVP mode is used to participate with your friends.

Project QT is the best anime game. It offers you, pretty females and beautiful commander. Form a team of beautiful girls to join the mission.


Project QT Unlimited Money

Money is the main thing in all situations. Without paid items, games are boring. If you want the paid item then you need money. You can get money by completing the mission of the game but it is too much time taking process.

Project QT unlimited money mods made the thing easier. With this mod, you will get infinite money you can buy anything you want. It makes the game much easier.

Project QT Mod APK

Mods are also offered by the game. If you want fun download mods of the game. Mods are used to give you unlimited money, ammo, health, skills, gems, and many more.

If you want to download mods then open Google and search for Project QT mods. Download APK and OBB file. Install APK file and paste OBB file in OBB folder then you are good to go. Run game and you are awarded many skills, money, gems and much more.


Project QT Unlimited Gems

There are many paid items in the game. Some need the money and some take gems to unlock themselves. Gems are an alternative to money. It is also used to unlock the paid item. The item which takes gems has more skills and powers.

With Project QT unlimited gems mod you will get infinite gems. You can unlock any paid item you want. These mods are very useful if you want fun in the game.

Project QT Unlock Everything Mod

Some items need a level to open themselves. You can’t use them in the game. This mod is used to open everything in the game.

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