Save The Girl Mod Apk

Save The Girl Mod Apk

Download Save the Girl Mod APK and be the hero to a lady caught in a serious of misfortunes. Think outside the box when making choices.

Description Save The Girl Mod Apk

In the world’s new normal, everybody is encouraged to stay at home. Pandemic or not, staying indoors may be the safest for us all. Such is the case in the game, Save the Girl. The world outside can get pretty crazy and chaotic. Who knew that one unfortunate incident can lead to a series of mishaps?

Save the Girl is an endless puzzle solving quest with the main goal of keeping the game’s heroine from danger’s way. It is a seemingly endless quest of the girl getting entangled in unfortunate and even bizarre situations. You will have to constantly be on the lookout for bad creatures and all those hazards on the road.

Entering the game will give you the feeling of being trapped in the curse brought about by Friday the 13th. It is a vicious cycle of facing all of your wildest and most random fears. The game starts with the girl being held up by a mafia-looking unicorn. Your role as the girl’s hero begins as you choose the right tool to help her break loose from the rope. After you let her sneak away from the kidnapper’s house, more misadventures will come right at the girl.

Every scary encounter will present two options for you to rescue the girl. How will you save her from a mad dog, zombies, dinosaur, severe weather condition, a hole in the ground? Odd choices include wooden plank vs. pail of water, balloon vs. mouse, shovel vs. tent, bee hive vs. flower, and so on. Just when you think the game is easy, it gets tricky as you advance in the quest.

Quirky Fun Graphics

Save the Girl features entertaining 2D animation filled with vibrant colors and interesting game environment. The “Girl” was illustrated in a quirky way that seems to be out to be troubled. It brings an odd charm with the character’s rather cheerful vibe in contrast to her clumsy ways. The animation throughout the game is enticing enough to get you addicted to it.

Adding to the excitement are the special sound effects and the scream of the girl when she’s in distress. Even the background music is very well in tune with the game’s dynamic actions.

Save the Girl Mod APK Free Download

Play the hero as you make intelligent choices to keep the “Girl” alive from all the chaos in her world. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with Save the Girl Mod APK Latest Version. Be creative with your choices as the correct answer may not what it seem.

See how far you can go in this odd yet exciting game. Keep the girl alive and out of harm’s way.

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