Tabou Stories Mod Apk

Tabou Stories Mod Apk

Download Tabou Stories Mod APK to create your own romantic and steamy story. Get access to unlimited gems for seamless gaming experience.

Description Tabou Stories Mod Apk

If you are a fan of romance novels, this app is a surefire hit to you. Tabou Stories is an interactive, dating simulation game app that presents mature and romantic storylines.

Feel your heart beat fast with the intense situations your character will face as you constantly decide the turn of events. This app developed by has just been recently updated for your gaming pleasure. Enter the world of seduction, drama, intriguing twists, and more. Weigh your options wisely as your happy ending depends on your choice of actions.


Tabou Stories Gameplay

Star in your own virtual drama with Tabou Stories. This text-based dating simulation app boasts of interesting storylines that seem straight out of a best-selling romance novel. Don’t be just a mere spectator—be the story’s own heroine.

Entering the game, you will be presented with different looks of your character who is a female. Choose the avatar with the facial features, hairstyle, and outfit you prefer. Input the name you want your character to be called throughout the game.

Experience different angles of love in the various chapters of this game app:

  • Chapter 1: Lessons in Lust
  • Chapter 2: Bodyguard
  • Chapter 3: The Auction
  • Chapter 4: Matchmaker
  • Chapter 5: Billionaire’s Darling
  • Chapter 6: My Bad Billionaire

Dictate the flow of the story with every choice you make. Make your character standout and increase her chances in love by purchasing flashy outfits. Premium outfits can be accessed by buying gems. Even other risqué choices will require gems in case you want to choose them. You increase the seduction and romance levels for every bold move you make.


Tabou Stories presents itself with high-resolution graphics. The game gets more enticing as the illustrations of the characters are close to real-life. The men and women in the story all look gorgeous and befitting of Hollywood-like movie stars.

It is easy to follow through the story with the texts optimized for reading. The layout is very intuitive and not intrusive to the unfolding scenes.

Download on Android

Enjoy a story in a unique way with the mobile simulation game app, Tabou Stories. Created by, more than 1 million users on Google Play have already downloaded it on their devices. In-app purchases are available for premium items and choices.

Tabou Stories Mod APK Free Download

Let out your inner seductress as you get into the chapters of this rather steamy simulation game. Get to try risqué choices with your outfits and actions with Tabou Stories Mod APK Latest Version. Play your way to a happy ending with the features unlocked.

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