The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod Apk

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod Apk

Download the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross MOD APK and engage in interesting combat. You’ll be tasked with eliminating the enemies from your kingdom.

Description The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Mod Apk

In the ancient days, human beings co-existed with other creatures peaceful. However, there was a general reverence for Holy Knights who were believed to possess immense powers.

As such, they were tasked with protecting the Kingdom of Liones. Due to their might, malicious individuals kept off the kingdom which contributed significantly to the region’s pacification.

At one point Princess Elizabeth suspected that the Holy Knights were betraying the kingdom. As a result, she decided that they should be eliminated from the land.

This started the enmity between the kingdom and the powerful Holy Knights. However, everyone fears their tremendous powers and no one is willing to fight them.

As a result, she seeks the help of The Seven Deadly Sins who were enemies to the Holy Knight. She talks to the Meliodas—one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins to start implementing a strategy for eliminating the Holy Knights.

An Engaging Gameplay

When you join this game, you’ll become a protagonist of The Seven Deadly Sins. Ensure that you collaborate with other members to eliminate the Holy Knights and save the kingdom from their destruction.

You’ll have to use excellent combat skills since you’ll face intensely lethal opponents. As such, you’ll be obliged to purchase sophisticated weapons that’ll add more vigor to your team.

The land is expansive and has immense hideouts. As such, you must devise a mechanism to reach all corners of the kingdom. Explore the adventurous hideouts to ensure that you flash out all the Holy Knights.

Also, you can create a strong team to overcome the opponents. To achieve this, ensure that you combine unique characters/skills from members of the Seven Deadly Sins. This way, you’ll achieve a synergy that’ll be hard to defeat!

Each member of your team will have different cards (ideally 5 cards). Ensure that you join these cards to achieve strong power that will certainly decimate the Holy Knights.

The more enemies you eliminate, the more points you’ll get. Also, you can collect treasures as you explore the kingdom. This will enable you to improve your weaponry and consequently eliminate the enemies fast.

Marvelous Graphics and Astounding Sound Systems

This game is made using unique 3-D graphics that simulate an island. You’ll enjoy breathtaking sceneries as you undertake your missions which will enliven the game.

Also, the game has outstanding sound systems that will keep you locked throughout the game. You’ll be entertained even as you engage in your serious missions.

Download the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross MOD APK Now

If you want better tools and powerful team members, you should use the MOD version of the game. It has the following unique features:

  •  Real-time play
  • High customization features
  •  Unlimited weapons unlock
  •  Unlimited money


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross MOD APK is a game rich in culture. It’ll take you through the rich Japanese culture as you aim at eliminating the Holy Knights. Download it now and enjoy the immersive gameplay!

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