Tower Run Mod Apk

Tower Run Mod Apk

Download Tower Run Mod APK for an addictive game of building a human tower to fulfill the missions. Breeze through levels with unlimited money.

Description Tower Run Mod Apk

As the saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall.” Tower Run takes this to a whole new level as you hop on a tower of people to clear the levels. Make sure to gather enough people by the end of the relay to fulfill whatever mission is at hand.

Tower Run is the latest offering from the game creators at Voodoo. It will surely put you on the edge as you jump past the hurdles while maintaining a good balance. Get rewarded for your perseverance and acrobatic skills


Tower Run Gameplay

Clear all the levels with your human tower. This arcade game will test your aiming skills as you guide your character on top of the towering people.

Tower Run is a combination of running and obstacle type of arcade game. Your character will be running in a narrow path where your adventures will take place. Your main goal is to get to the end of the road where surprise rewards await. You will only get to advance to the next level once you meet the requirement. This includes getting enough tower height to reach the topmost of the stairs or passing the height requirement to ride the rollercoaster.

It’s no easy road as there will be bumps, gaps, and barricades that are set to challenge you. The good thing is you can collect coins along the way. A regular jump can only reach a certain height. To boost your jumping power, jump over the red circles. You will be able to hop on the top of the tower of at as much as five or more so people. Make sure to jump at the right time to not let the people topple over.

Addictive Low-Poly Graphics

Tower Run uses low-poly graphics that is very reminiscent of earlier mobile arcade games. The courses are strategically placed that gets tricky as you advance in the levels. The varying background for each level is very refreshing to the eyes as you are taken to the forest, beach or even high up with the clouds.

It presents a very colorful game environment that players of all ages will find appealing. You only need to touch the screen at a proper angle and time so you can progress with your adventure pals. Make sure you don’t over collect people on your tower so you can maintain balance.

Tower Run Mod APK Free Download

Hop on the fun and don’t miss out on the exciting adventures. Download Tower Run Mod APK Latest Version to ace the levels with ease. Take advantage of the unlimited money from the Mod version.

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