World War Heroes Mod Apk

World War Heroes Mod Apk

Download World War Heroes Mod APK and get into battle to restore order into the world. Enjoy VIP features for an action-packed game. 

Description World War Heroes Mod Apk

Go back in time and relive the dark and intense moments of the historic World War II. Be the hero of the world as Allies and Axis alliances battle it out for dominance. World War Heroes offers thrilling and hardcore combat gaming experience.

World War Heroes follows the historical accounts of the rather tragic WWII which lasted for almost a decade. The invasion of Poland by the Germans led to the declaration of war by the UK and France to Germany. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Japan and China are engaged in their own war. One thing led to another as two main alliances were formed amongst nations.


Word War Heroes Gameplay

Prepare to enter the battlefield with all the rubble and all other destruction caused by the ongoing war. World War Heroes is a first-person shooting game set in World War II. Choose the country you will be playing for to experience their combat equipment. The countries available are USA, USSR, Germany, and Japan.

The game takes you to different cities around the world engaged in war. Get into combat in seven different battle zones throughout the game. Various adventures await in the six game modes available: Hardcore, Team Battle, Death Match, Bomb Mode, One-Life Battle, and Custom Mode. You can get access to your own tank and choose from 57 types of weapons including rifles, shotguns, and more. Grenades and first aid kits can be purchased before the battles.


Stunningly Intense Display of Graphics

World War Heroes boasts of high-resolution 3D graphics. The illustration of the weapons, fighters, and the different cities are stunningly executed. The movements in the FPS perspective feel fluid and in-tune to that of the player. The energy of the game is infectious with its realistic environment. The sound effects and voice overs also create a huge impact on the intensity of the battles.

Available for Android

World War Heroes continue to dominate the mobile game scene as it continues to earn 5-star ratings. Developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, it has amassed over 50 million downloads. It comes as no surprise that it is included in Google Play’s Editors’ Choice.

World War Heroes Mod APK Free Download

Lock and load and prepare for combat as you fight the tyrannical forces. Enjoy unlimited gold and unlock all the premium resources with World War Heroes Mod APK Latest Version. Choose your side between the Allies and Axis forces and lead your squad to victory.

Are you ready to become a war hero?

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